Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Latium Wallet Update Required!

Latium Wallet Update!

Earlier today the Latium admins found a slight bug in some of the code for the Latium network. The bug was repaired quickly and the network is up and running again with little downtime. However, to address the bug issue, an updated version of the Latium wallet was released to fix the line of code. If you're already using Latium, be sure to upgrade your wallet to version or you will no longer continue to gain interest. If you're new to Latium, the wallet on the Latium website is already the latest version. 

If you haven't joined yet, you should consider becoming a member of the Latium community. It's free to join, and you gain 5 free Latium just for sign up! Find out more by clicking here to visit the Latium sign up page and feel free to contact me if you like!

Have you updated your wallet yet? Let me know in the comments section. 

coming soon.... how to guide to update wallet!

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