Latium Merchant Network

Latium Merchant Network- Coming Soon!

     We here at Latium Talk take Latium seriously! Probably seems obvious since we created a website dedicated to Latium, right? Well, we're looking to take things to the next level and really help Latium grow and take hold by creating the "Latium Merchant Network". This is an exciting development for the Latium community because it will continue to increase the value of Latium and continue to prove it is a long term, viable alternative currency. 

We're asking anyone interested in joining the Latium Merchant Network to please contact us with your interest. We're looking for individuals, websites, companies, etc that are accepting Latium for their goods and services. The Latium Merchant Network is FREE TO JOIN and will get your information listed right on this page!

More info coming soon!

New to Latium? Be sure to click the banner below to get started on your 5 FREE Latium! It's free to sign up and only takes a couple minutes for your first 5 Latium to be deposited into your wallet!

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