Monday, September 15, 2014

Latium Talk Discussion Forum

    I'm excited to announce that we have put together a small-but-growing discussion forum here at Latium Talk! If you'd like to come by and say hello, please visit

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Latium Devs announce payout minimum for Latium

     Earlier today the Latium devs made an announcement on their thread located at bitcointalk. It appears going forward that there will be a minimum payout for Latium to be deposited into a user's wallet:

     Dear Latium users,

   We have made the decision to increase the minimum payout to       Latium wallets to 5 LAT. We've done this to reduce the quantity     of transactions and therefore improve performance on     and all associated pages. Thank you for your understanding....

The intention is to reduce the load on the servers when payments are approved. Typically Latium devs announce when approvals are done, prompting many users to log into the system at once, resulting in slow performance and availability issues. 

How do you feel about there being a minimum payout? Do you think this will be beneficial to the Latium community? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Latium Merchant Network

Latium Merchant Network- Coming Soon!

     We here at Latium Talk take Latium seriously! Probably seems obvious since we created a website dedicated to Latium, right? Well, we're looking to take things to the next level and really help Latium grow and take hold by creating the "Latium Merchant Network". This is an exciting development for the Latium community because it will continue to increase the value of Latium and continue to prove it is a long term, viable alternative currency. 

We're asking anyone interested in joining the Latium Merchant Network to please contact us with your interest. We're looking for individuals, websites, companies, etc that are accepting Latium for their goods and services. The Latium Merchant Network is FREE TO JOIN and will get your information listed right on this page!

More info coming soon!

New to Latium? Be sure to click the banner below to get started on your 5 FREE Latium! It's free to sign up and only takes a couple minutes for your first 5 Latium to be deposited into your wallet!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Allcrypt resumes Latium exchanges

Some Latium users recently reported issues at AllCrypt, indicating they were unable to exchange Latium coin. This was an issue the AllCrypt devs addressed, and they are now up and running again. As of this post Latium is already being traded again, so all seems operational. 

If you were trying to exchange at AllCrypt and experienced problems, you should certainly try your trades again. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Most Latium website connections issues resolved

In continuing coverage of the recent issue reported by Latium users, I'm happy to note that the connectivity issues to the Latium website seem to have mostly resolved.  A few users are still reporting issues, and these issues appear to stem from DNS issues. 

As mentioned in previous posts, the Latium website was recently moved to an upgraded server. Part of a website move often times can include changing the IP address of the website. That appears to be the case for Latium's move. DNS propagation refers to the time it takes for the root DNS servers that operate DNS for the Internet to update the IP address for a website. This process can take a day or more in certain cases to propagate world wide. 

If you're still having issues connecting to the Latium website, I recommend updating your DNS settings to utilize Google's public DNS servers. The address for those servers is and

Once you update the DNS settings, you can try navigating to the Latium website and see if your issue is resolved.

If you try this solution please let us know if it fixes your issue by posting on the comment section below.


Friday, August 29, 2014

Regional issues with Latium website

UPDATED 06:50GMT: users from Albania are also reporting connectivity/access issues.    

  In a previous post I mentioned that the Latium website is currently experiencing some speed issues. For many these issues have since subsided, however certain regions are still reporting issues with the site. One Latium user "melds39" stated the following IP ranges seem to be having difficulty connecting:

Another user is reporting regions such as Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and India seem to be having some difficulty with reaching the site. 

If you're still having issues connecting, let us know and tell us your region. I'll forward the info off to the Latium admins and hopefully get everyone back up and running.

Latium site reported as running slow again

We've received reports that the Latium website is again running slowly for users trying to access their account or sign up for a new account. The Latium admin team is aware of this issue and is actively working to resolve the problem. As of 1:15pm EDT the issue was still observed. The Latium Team stated they are working on the issue and asks that everyone please be patient while they address the problem. At this time it sounds as though the issue is stemming from the recent migration to a new server with a larger capacity for users. 

Let us know if you're experiencing issues with the Latium site!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Latium website running slow

Latium Website slow, what's going on?

UPDATE: according to Latium admins the speed issues should be resolved. Let us know in the comment section if you're still experiencing speed issues. 

     A common issue being reported since yesterday or so is that the latium website seems to be running a bit slower than usual. Other users are reporting timeouts and general connectivity issues. 

     Never fear dear reader, for the Latium admin team is aware of this issue and is actively working to resolve the issue. They've performed a site migration to move the website to a larger, more robust server. Part of the issue is that Latium has been growing exponentially over the last couple months, resulting in a situation where the server is a bit over capacity due to so many people trying to visit the site!  This is a great issue to have in the end, as it's a sign that the Latium user base is growing in leaps and bounds!

If you'd like to know more about Latium and get your 5 free coins, give this a click! It's free, easy, and takes literally 2 minutes to get signed up. 

Are you experiencing slowness on the Latium site? Are things running A okay for you? Let us know in the comment section below!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Latium Wallet non-critical bug fixed

In an earlier post I mentioned a recent update caused an issue with the system tray icon for the Latium Wallet. The Latium admins have pushed an update that fixes this issue, and I recommend you install it as soon as you can. The Latium website has been updated with the most recent versions of the wallet that are available. As always, you should make a backup of your wallet before proceeding with any update, just to be safe. 

Once the update is completed, you will have the system tray icon back, easy as that!

Did this help you fix the system tray issue? Let us know in the comment section below.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Latium Wallet Bug found, non-critical, being fixed

UPDATE: this issue has been revsolved, click here to learn more     

     Earlier this week I published a post about a required update to for the Latium wallet. Shortly after I performed the needed update so I could continue minting Latium and getting my interest payments. However, after the update I noticed that my Latium wallet was not showing an icon in the system tray of my Windows 8.1 system. A quick reach out to other Latium users, and this issue was confirmed as being more than just my machine. The Latium admins were quickly made aware of the issue and a fix was put in the works. I am waiting for confirmation that the fix has been pushed, and will update as soon as I know more about it. This is not a critical issue and does not impact the underlying functionality of the program in any way. It just simply does not display the icon (although it still has a space for it.) The Latium wallet is in fact still in the system tray, you can over over the empty space and do everything you would normally if the icon existed. 

More to come as updates are available. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Latium Wallet Update Required!

Latium Wallet Update!

Earlier today the Latium admins found a slight bug in some of the code for the Latium network. The bug was repaired quickly and the network is up and running again with little downtime. However, to address the bug issue, an updated version of the Latium wallet was released to fix the line of code. If you're already using Latium, be sure to upgrade your wallet to version or you will no longer continue to gain interest. If you're new to Latium, the wallet on the Latium website is already the latest version. 

If you haven't joined yet, you should consider becoming a member of the Latium community. It's free to join, and you gain 5 free Latium just for sign up! Find out more by clicking here to visit the Latium sign up page and feel free to contact me if you like!

Have you updated your wallet yet? Let me know in the comments section. 

coming soon.... how to guide to update wallet!

Monday, July 28, 2014

How do I get more Latium?

I need moar Latium!

So you've signed up and claimed your 5 FREE Latium. Great! Now you say you want more Latium? Well I can help you with that! This short guide will discuss how the Latium distribution system works and how to increase your Latium!

For starters, If you haven't already, Sign up for your FREE Latium account and claim your 5 free coins. This step is 100% necessary to continue on. 

Once you've completed the process (see my original post here if you need help) log into your Latium account. You should see a screen that looks like the picture below. Circled in red in the picture is your Latium referral ID:

You should copy this URL to your clipboard or a text file so you don't have to log into your Latium account every time you need it (or if you're a robot you're welcome to memorize it :-D)

The next step is to have people utilize your link to sign up and join Latium. For each person that signs up utilizing your link, you'll gain an additional 5 Latium! As you can see, this is an easy way to gain more LAT coins; much easier than figuring out a complex mining program and paying out more in electricity than your miner can bring in (ala bitcoin currently.)

"Whoa whoa whoa Stan," I hear you say, "this sounds like some kinda Ponzi Scheme/Pyramid, and those things suuuuck!" Bare with me dear reader, for I will clarify this issue for you now. 

For starters, Latium IS NOT a Ponzi/Pyramid scheme. The short answer for why, is because it does not require a single cent of investment from you, the user. Latium DOES use a tiered distribution system, which is often confused with a pyramid/ponzi, because they look similar. 

The way a Ponzi or Pyramid scheme works is by taking money from investors on the bottom, to then pay the return for those on the top. Bernie Madoff's investment scheme is a perfect example of a Ponzi/Pyramid. Madoff would take money from new investors, then use that money to show artificial gains to his older investors. These schemes inevitably fail because the number of new investors (new money) inevitably always falls below the needed number to maintain the facade, then things quickly fall apart. 

Now, Latium does utilize a tree type system of distribution, but is this really a bad thing? When you log into your Latium account, below the news section is a graphic giving an explanation of the commission tiers:

So basically as your people gain more people, they 1) strengthen the Latium network, and 2) give you a little extra coinage! sounds like win/win to me.

In my next post we'll talk further about other ways to gain more Latium, including interest payments for Minting coins, and buying Latium on the exchanges. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What is Latium?

A recent Bit Coin Talk thread has gained immense popularity and is as of this writing over 50 pages in length. I'm talking of course about the announcement thread for Latium, the first Cyrpto Currency to utilize a non-technical deployment network. This currency is already seeing trades at prominent crypto-currency exchange sites such as AllCrypt, Coin Swap, and Bittrex. I myself have been able to trade my Latium for Bitcoins and services. The exciting thing is that as Latium continues to grow, the value will increase!

Latium is the easiest way to join the world of cryptocurrency and BitCoin. No mining or technical expertise needed. A simple sign up opens the door to the cryptocurrency universe.  I strongly encourage you to give it a try, it's free to sign up and easy to get more Latium for free!

How it works:

1) Sign Up with Latium. During this process you should be greeted with a screen similar to this:

Select your OS and download the Latium Wallet. The wallet is where you will keep your coins after you withdrawal them from your Latium account. Also, the wallet allows you to mint new coins, resulting in interest payments deposited into your wallet!

2) Once the wallet is installed, click "I have installed my wallet", you'll be greeted by this screen:

In this step the main thing you are doing is generating a wallet address, then copying that address to your clipboard in preparation for step 3. 

3) Add your Latium Wallet Address to your Latium account so you can get your deposits!

It's as easy as that! Once you complete this process your 5 free Latium will be placed into your Latium account. There is a manual confirmation process that takes place so your Latium may stay pending for a short period of time while the administration group confirms your registration.

In our next discussion, we'll look at Latium more in depth, and explore the ways to gain additional Latium!