Friday, August 22, 2014

Latium Wallet Bug found, non-critical, being fixed

UPDATE: this issue has been revsolved, click here to learn more     

     Earlier this week I published a post about a required update to for the Latium wallet. Shortly after I performed the needed update so I could continue minting Latium and getting my interest payments. However, after the update I noticed that my Latium wallet was not showing an icon in the system tray of my Windows 8.1 system. A quick reach out to other Latium users, and this issue was confirmed as being more than just my machine. The Latium admins were quickly made aware of the issue and a fix was put in the works. I am waiting for confirmation that the fix has been pushed, and will update as soon as I know more about it. This is not a critical issue and does not impact the underlying functionality of the program in any way. It just simply does not display the icon (although it still has a space for it.) The Latium wallet is in fact still in the system tray, you can over over the empty space and do everything you would normally if the icon existed. 

More to come as updates are available. 

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