What is Latium?

What is Latium?

A recent Bit Coin Talk thread has gained immense popularity and is as of this writing over 50 pages in length. I'm talking of course about the announcement thread for Latium, the first Cyrpto Currency to utilize a non-technical deployment network. This currency is already seeing trades at prominent crypto-currency exchange sites such as AllCrypt, Coin Swap, and Bittrex. I myself have been able to trade my Latium for Bitcoins and services. The exciting thing is that as Latium continues to grow, the value will increase!

Latium is the easiest way to join the world of cryptocurrency and BitCoin. No mining or technical expertise needed. A simple sign up opens the door to the cryptocurrency universe.  I strongly encourage you to give it a try, it's free to sign up and easy to get more Latium for free!

How it works:

1) Sign Up with Latium. During this process you should be greeted with a screen similar to this:

Select your OS and download the Latium Wallet. The wallet is where you will keep your coins after you withdrawal them from your Latium account. Also, the wallet allows you to mint new coins, resulting in interest payments deposited into your wallet!

2) Once the wallet is installed, click "I have installed my wallet", you'll be greeted by this screen:

In this step the main thing you are doing is generating a wallet address, then copying that address to your clipboard in preparation for step 3. 

3) Add your Latium Wallet Address to your Latium account so you can get your deposits!

It's as easy as that! Once you complete this process your 5 free Latium will be placed into your Latium account. There is a manual confirmation process that takes place so your Latium may stay pending for a short period of time while the administration group confirms your registration.

In our next discussion, we'll look at Latium more in depth, and explore the ways to gain additional Latium!

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