How do I get more Latium? Pt. 2

I need moar Latium! Part 2

So in part 1 we talked about claiming your 5 Latium by Signing up for your free Latium account. We also talked about utilizing your referral URL to spread the word about Latium and gain some coins that route. In this section we're going to talk about other ways of gaining Latium! 

I assume you've signed up at this point and have made yourself familiar with the Latium interface. If not, backtrack and do a little extra reading here. We're going to discuss withdrawing your Latium from your account to your wallet you installed. I'll explain more about this soon.

In your Latium account, there is a section you should look for the "Reports" menu along the left side. When you click "Reports" it expands

The link you're looking for is "payouts to me"
 You'll be brought to the following page, and see a "request payment" button.

That will deposit your Latium into your wallet instantly. 

"Ok Steve, I did all that, but why bother?" Well dear reader, there's a simple reason: Interest payments. 

You see, proof of stake coins such as Latium work off coins held by end users. You holding a stake in the coin (your balance) shows proof of activity, and you are then given a small amount of Latium for supporting the network. It's that easy, you get more coins just by keeping your Latium wallet up and running, and having coins in it. As of the time of this writing, the interest rate is 20%! That's pretty exciting.

We'll be wrapping up this series with a part 3, where I'll discuss purchasing Latium coins on the various exchanges that trade the coin. More coming soon!

Have you been minting coins and getting interest? Let us know in the comment section below!

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