How do I get more Latium? Pt. 1

I need moar Latium!

So you've signed up and claimed your 5 FREE Latium. Great! Now you say you want more Latium? Well I can help you with that! This short guide will discuss how the Latium distribution system works and how to increase your Latium!

For starters, If you haven't already, Sign up for your FREE Latium account and claim your 5 free coins. This step is 100% necessary to continue on. 

Once you've completed the process (see my original post here if you need help) log into your Latium account. You should see a screen that looks like the picture below. Circled in red in the picture is your Latium referral ID:

You should copy this URL to your clipboard or a text file so you don't have to log into your Latium account every time you need it (or if you're a robot you're welcome to memorize it :-D)

The next step is to have people utilize your link to sign up and join Latium. For each person that signs up utilizing your link, you'll gain an additional 5 Latium! As you can see, this is an easy way to gain more LAT coins; much easier than figuring out a complex mining program and paying out more in electricity than your miner can bring in (ala bitcoin currently.)

"Whoa whoa whoa Steve," I hear you say, "this sounds like some kinda Ponzi Scheme/Pyramid, and those things suuuuck!" Bare with me dear reader, for I will clarify this issue for you now. 

For starters, Latium IS NOT a Ponzi/Pyramid scheme. The short answer for why, is because it does not require a single cent of investment from you, the user. Latium DOES use a tiered distribution system, which is often confused with a pyramid/ponzi, because they look similar. 

The way a Ponzi or Pyramid scheme works is by taking money from investors on the bottom, to then pay the return for those on the top. Bernie Madoff's investment scheme is a perfect example of a Ponzi/Pyramid. Madoff would take money from new investors, then use that money to show artificial gains to his older investors. These schemes inevitably fail because the number of new investors (new money) inevitably always falls below the needed number to maintain the facade, then things quickly fall apart. 

Now, Latium does utilize a tree type system of distribution, but is this really a bad thing? When you log into your Latium account, below the news section is a graphic giving an explanation of the commission tiers:

So basically as your people gain more people, they 1) strengthen the Latium network, and 2) give you a little extra coinage! sounds like win/win to me.

In my next post we'll talk further about other ways to gain more Latium, including interest payments for Minting coins, and buying Latium on the exchanges. 

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